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21 March
Family Lover Letter-A Virtual Estate Planning Event


Unfortunately, all of us have lost a loved one or inevitably will. Most have been directly or indirectly exposed to how challenging settling someone's financial affairs can be once they pass. Our goal as your trusted advisors is to help ensure that all aspects of your financial planning, included Estate Planning, are optimally thought out so we can ease the inevitable burden of estate execution as much as possible. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have an estate plan in place? Are you confident your wishes will actually be carried out the way you intend? 
  • If you have a plan, when was it last reviewed? 
  • Is your estate plan just a collection of legal documents, filled with detailed legal jargon lacking color or a real reflection of you? Would it be worth it to add a more personal element?
  • As technology has changed, has your plan evolved with it? How would your executor access email, social media, your personal computer, etc.?
  • Does your plan account for how your physical property will be disbursed? Does your executor know where that physical property is? 

Date and Time

Thu, Mar 21, 2024

5:00p - 6:00p PST


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